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June 26, 2018      Comments Off on How To: Write Thank You Notes

Between all the tasks a bride must complete to pull off her wedding, writing thank you notes for bridal shower and wedding gifts is likely low on the list of her favorite things. It can be time consuming and tedious but is an important part of the whole process.

Read on for a few of our best tips for showing your friends, family and acquaintances your gratitude for their thoughtful gifts.

If gifts are received at a bridal shower before the wedding, ask a close friend or family member to write down each gift and the giver’s name so you don’t have to go back and look for cards in boxes and gift bags. For gifts received in the mail or at the wedding, keep a running list of what you received and who sent it as you open them. If you’re feeling really organized, print out your wedding invitation list in a spreadsheet and keep track of gifts and notes as you go.

The weeks and months leading up to your wedding can be hectic but send thank you notes as soon as you receive gifts, especially if your shower is far enough in advance. Try to carve out a little time each day to jot down a couple notes of gratitude, maybe on your lunch break or as you unwind after arriving home from work. Or, spend 30 minutes each Sunday afternoon knocking out several notes. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something monumental as you cross those names off your list!

You may have heard the old rule that a bride has one year to send thank you notes after the wedding, but that’s really too long. Try to get all notes sent out within three months of the wedding. You’ll be glad to have it done and off your plate!

Thank you notes aren’t just a woman’s territory either. If your husband-to-be is willing to help with the task, divide the list and have him handle writing some thank yous, especially to members of his side of the family and co-workers.

Not sure what to say? Remember, the odds are that nobody will be reading anyone else’s thank you note, so there’s no pressure to write something completely original for each person. Just thank them for their generosity, mention the gift specifically, say something you like about it or how you plan to use it, and if applicable, thank them for coming to the wedding.

Whether the gift is something you love and will use every day or an unfortunate choice that will likely be relegated to the spare bedroom closet, the point is less about what the gift IS and more that it was given to you. Let the giver know you are thankful for their generosity, whether the gift is something you actually like or not.

Pick out some classic stationary, a nice blue or black ballpoint pen and a roll of Forever stamps, and set up a thank you note writing station so you’re not digging everything out each time you have a few minutes to work on your notes. Now get going!

Trust us…it’s a great feeling to get all those notes in the mail so you can check that mental box. Plus, once you’ve sent your great-great aunt a thank you note for the waffle maker she sent, you can use it every Saturday morning without even a bit of guilt!