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January 19, 2017      Comments Off on Something Blue carrying Prom-Perfect Dresses this spring

Most high schoolers aren’t dreaming about what they’ll wear to the next year’s prom before the first day of class even arrives. Lucky for local teenage girls, Something Blue’s fashion director Rebekah Krsak was indeed thinking about what dresses they’ll be looking for this spring, all the way back last summer.

Krsak and boutique owner Sandie Walther traveled to Atlanta for the World of Prom Market in August to check out this spring’s designer offerings and order more than 200 gorgeous dresses that have already started arriving in-store.

According to Krsak, there were several new trends they saw from almost all designers, and some surprises from the always innovative Sherri Hill.

“Everybody is doing two-pieces…they were probably half of what we saw,” she said. “They’re also doing a lot of sheer pieces and while most of the hemlines are still long, we’re seeing a lot more high-low options than we’ve seen in the past.

“Sherri Hill is the main trendsetter so we went to see what she had first. She had several high-low hems and also a lot of that “Berta” look, which is a straight skirt with a flyaway skirt over it, so you can tell Sherri is going for more of a couture look.”

As for hot hues for spring, Krsak said it was surprising to see dresses in colors on both ends of the spectrum.

“It was interesting to see all these beautiful jewel tones like wine, emerald, navy and the classic black, as well as Easter egg colors like baby blues and pinks, soft yellows and mint,” she said. “As for patterns, Sherri Hill is still doing florals but not as many as last year, and there’s a new damask-type pattern. In the area of fabrics, of course there are always the classics like satin, taffeta and chiffon.”

Something Blue will receive 75 Sherri Hill dresses for the 2017 prom season, which are available in sizes 00-26 and range from $400 to $900.

While Sherri Hill is the one to watch for prom, Something Blue carries stunning prom dresses from several other designers including La Femme, Alyce, Primavera and Sydney’s Closet. While La Femme tends to lean heavily on flowy, chiffon styles in a wide range of colors, the designer took a bold risk for the 2017 collection by introducing a few looks in leather. The boutique will receive 48 dresses from La Femme, ranging from $350 to $500.

For girls with a more modest budget, the Alyce and Primavera collections are both great options. Alyce designs tend to be classic chiffon styles, but with pops of sparkle from beading. Most dresses run under $350 and Krsak ordered 36 dresses from their 2017 collection. Primavera is a full-sequin line, but also very economical, ranging from $200 to $500 with most styles running on the lower end. The 36 dresses Something Blue will receive this spring will come in beautiful shades of gold, wine, navy and black, with a few brighter colors mixed in.

Last but not least, Sydney’s Closet is a plus-sized line that takes the best of what the other designers do well and creates dresses in sizes from 14W-36W. Prices range from $300 to $600 and while Something Blue will carry 15-20 dresses in stock, Sydney’s Closet gowns are also available for special orders.

“Most designers don’t carry additional dresses in stock, so it’s important for our prom girls to shop early to get the dresses they want,” Krsak advised. “We’ll start getting dresses December 1 through March 1, but won’t get any more after that. We think this year’s dresses are gorgeous, so we’re excited to see what our local girls think about them.”

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