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March 1, 2017      Comments Off on Something Blue brides say “YES!” and sign the dress

Something Blue always has beautiful displays in the front windows and throughout the store, but if you’ve stopped in during the last few months, you may have noticed something a little different.

Back in October, we started asking brides who said “YES!” to the dress of their wedding day dreams to sign “Melina” by Wtoo. A satin gown in a classic, A-line style with a pale blue sash, Melina has been with us since the earliest days of Something Blue.

Fashion director Rebekah Krsak said there were two reasons why the gown was chosen for the special starring role.

“We just never sold our Melina sample once the season passed and figured it was a way to give her a swan song of sorts,” Krsak said. “Also, it’s satin so we knew the ink wouldn’t bleed and make a mess!”

In the last few months, more than 40 brides have signed the dress, with many also adding the date they found their dream dress.

“The day a bride-to-be chooses her dress is one of the most important of her life,” Krsak said. “It’s our pleasure to be a part of that day and an honor to have each Something Blue bride leave a piece of herself here in our store to memorialize that day.”

To make an appointment to find the dress of your wedding day dreams (and sign the dress!), call or text us at 979-308-1044.