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December 8, 2017      Comments Off on Prom Dresses Have Arrived at Something Blue

It may only be December, but at Something Blue, we’re already in prom mode! Our fashion director Rebekah Krsak made her annual trip to Atlanta’s prom market way back in early August to hunt down the best dresses for area high school girls.

So what can these young ladies expect to see in fashion and in-store for the spring’s biggest event?

Krsak says there’s something to suit everybody’s style, body type and personal taste this year.

“We’re excited to see what the girls think of what we’re bringing in because there are some really beautiful dresses for prom this year,” she says. “We’re still doing a lot of Sherri Hill, who is still big on floral patterns, ball gowns and two pieces, but there are more high-low hem options this year.

“There are also several very high or deep, plunging necklines and skirts with high slits. She’s also doing some sequins and a few in lace. I’d say the hottest new things that Sherri is doing…and everybody else for that matter…is fringe beading and off-the-shoulder styles.”

As for colors, girls can expect to see lots of pastels and bright primary colors, as well as the always-chic black. Krsak says girls should also look out for a few fun prints like big florals and even a pink, black and white polka dot from Hill.
In addition to the usual fabulous lineup, Something Blue will be offering dresses from two new designers this year, Madison James and Rachel Allan.

“I love the Madison James line because they are beautiful, really unique dresses and they are fantastically priced, usually between $300 and $450,” Krsak explains. “Of everything we saw at market, these dresses sparked my interest the most and were my favorite this year. They are just really different, beautifully done and amazing for the price they are.

“Another new line is from Rachel Allan, which also feature some really different styles and are lower priced than some of the others we carry. They’re just super fun to look at. We always want to keep things fresh and give girls lots of options.”

Prom dress shoppers can expect between 200 and 250 completely unique styles, not just a few dresses in varying colors. Another perk for local girls is that Something Blue registers each dress and will only sell one style (in the girl’s chosen color) for each area high school, which means you’ll be the only belle at the ball wearing YOUR dress. Something Blue also offers layaway for prom dresses.
Krsak said she’s expanded the boutique’s offerings for plus size dresses this year as well.

“I purchased at least 40 dresses from the popular plus size line, Sydney’s Closet, which produces fun and fashionable dresses in larger sizes with longer tops in the two-piece styles,” she says. “Their styles run between a W14 and W32 so we can find something to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes.”

For those looking for a bargain, the store still has several discontinued dresses from last year that can be purchased off the rack at a discount. Additionally, if a girl likes a dress that is still currently being produced from a designer’s previous season’s line, it can be ordered.

Christmas has come early at Something Blue, as dresses have already started to arrive. It’s never too late to start shopping for prom, so come in and find your perfect prom dress today!